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Title         Envelope Study
Medium  oil, emulsion & pencil on fine primed paper
Size          15.5cmx10.5cm
Year         2009

Title         Maggy (after the Simpsons) Study
Medium  oil, emulsion, pencil & gold leaf  on fine primed paper
Size          15.5cmx10.5cm
Year         2010

I am currently working on a series of envelope paintings.
These postcards are preliminary studies for further work on linen.

My pal and I spent a wonderful summer with Sheila Connolly and her husband Harry Lee Danziger at Bert House many years ago. Sheila writes from America and I treasure our correspondance over the years.

The Simpsons are popular and make me smile. Here, the colours and characters
are of particular interest. I created this postcard especially for the
2010 Dingle Rotary Club Art Auction
This second postcard is a study of another post sent to me from America by Ms. Sheila Connolly Danziger. It was created for the
1999 Hunt Museum postcard sale.

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