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Title         untitled
Medium  oil on board
Size          20.5cmx15.5 cm
Year         2008

The National Self-Portrait Collection of Ireland - Limerick University 

The National Self-Portrait Collection of Ireland invited me to exhibit
a painting in 2006.
I completed my work in June 2008. The miniature
painting itself took between six and eight weeks. I chose a circular
composition and prepared the surface board with a matt pink ground.
I am interested in contrast and the formal aspect of work. I raised the
miniature board with a backing support and painted the cardigan in flat
colour, focusing on face, hands and little dog. I'm  interested in colour,
the dog is black,  intensifying the painting shades. I'm interested in
shapes. I left the cardigan sleeve unfinished, placing my signature
over the background circle. The painting has a tentative feel, the
composition is a little awkward and there is humor in the positioning
of arm and paw. My portrait also demonstrates a shyness and delight
with eyes directed from the viewer and 
hesitant smile - this is the first
studio work to be painted in Athy, Co. Kildare.

Many thanks to Board of Trustees, National Self-Portrait Collection of Ireland
University of Limerick Art Management Group, Bourn Vincent Gallery Committee
and all who made my time in Limerick so very special.

National Self-Portrait Collection of Ireland.
© cathy callan 2010