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Title                      Dublin Zoo Elephants

Author                  Catherine De Courcy

Art Director         Anne Brady

Published By      Associated Editions

Year         2014

I have a long relationship with visiting Dublin Zoo.
 It's been a magical place for me, since childhood and seeing the animals there, always moves me deeply.  

My very first personal painting project, at Art College, revolved around the wolves at Dublin Zoo. Many years later I painted little Lucy, the hand reared chimpanzee, several times, after seeing her on Tv for the very first time.

It's beem a dream  come true for me
to create all the watercolour  paintings for "Dublin Zoo Elephants", written by Catherine De Courcy and published by Associated Editions. Spending time with the Dublin Zoo Team and and their magnificent Asian Elephant herd has been more educational and rewarding
than I ever dreamed possible.

Huge thanks to everyone, especially
Director of Dublin Zoo Leo Oosterweghel, Author  Catherine De Courcy, Art Director Anne Brady and Education Officer
at Dublin Zoo, Una Smyth. And most of all, thank you to the Elephants...............
I hope we work to protect you in life - always.

This book is for sale at Dublin Zoo and retails at 7.95
All proceeds in aid of elephant conservation.

© cathy callan 2014